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Microsoft introduces Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft introduces Office for Mac 2011

The Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit (MMBU) has announced Office for Mac 2011, the latest update of the productivity suite for Mac users with some new additions, including co-authoring tools that allow for anytime, anywhere and any platform collaboration.

There is also an updated user interface and more compatibility than before across Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

The newer snazzier interface introduces the Office ribbon that Windows users have had for the past while, however, the MMBU hasn't overhauled Office for Mac beyond recognition because the new design is an evolution of the Office 2008 Elements Gallery and uses both the classic Mac menu and standard toolbar.

The ribbon and toolbar are collapsible for more space or those who are used to keyboard shortcuts.

Office Web Apps is also available for Mac users but is currently in beta. This allows for access to your Office documents from anywhere with an internet connection.

"You've told us that working together across platforms is a priority to you and that's why we are making Office for Mac 2011 the best, most compatible productivity suite on the Mac," said Eric Wilfrid, MacBU general manager at Microsoft.

By Marie Boran

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