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Facebook ‘Capture the Flag’ - Security Hacker Competition

Facebook ‘Capture the Flag’ - Security Hacker Competition

Facebook will host a Capture the Flag competition to find the next generation of cyber security experts.

The competition includes a total prize fund of €3,500 available for first, second and third place winners.

Capture the Flag, which is now open for registration, is designed to test the skills of up-and-coming cyber-security programmers and penetration testers from around the world. There is an entrance fee of €15 per team of four people.

Working in teams of up to four people, entrants will compete to see who can ‘hack the world’ in a series of increasingly difficult security challenges. Each challenge is designed to simulate a type of threat which companies across the world may encounter as part of a cyber-security attack.

Entrants are first required to overcome existing security measures and then; in an added twist, once entrants hack a target they will then have to defend it against fellow hackers.

Entrants can now register online for Capture the Flag.

The competition is being held in association with Honeynet Ireland at the SOURCE Dublin conference, an event which aims to bridge the gap between technical excellence and business acumen within the security industry.

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