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Facebook music service called Vibes, links with Spotify?

Facebook music service called Vibes, links with Spotify?

Facebook music service called Vibe, links with Spotify?

Facebook’s Skype install file contains hints of a music service called Vibes. This coincides with reports that Spotify, which may integrate with Facebook, could launch in the US next week.

Digital Trends reports that programmer Jeff Rose took a closer look at the install file for using Skype with Facebook, as he was curious to see how it interacted with his own Skype application.

He discovered it supported an app called Facebook Vibes. The app connects with a music download dialogue, suggesting it could be a part of a new music service from Facebook.

Facebook Vibes could possibly tie in with European cloud music service Spotify. Spotify has had discussions with Facebook recently about integrating the service into the social network after its US launch.

This could happen sooner rather than later, as today, AllThingsDigital reports that Spotify could see a US launch next week.

Reps have reportedly told US record label executives of the imminent launch date. There have been delays before, however, so this date may not be set in stone.

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