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The risks of posting in social networks (infographic)

The risks of posting in social networks (infographic)

The risks of posting in social networks (infographic)

Social networking sites can be a hacker's dream because of all the personal information available on them, a new infographic suggests.

The infographic published by Trend Micro's TrendLabs on breaks down the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mixi, Sina Weibo, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and the type of personal information users may make public on the networks.

The infographic also states that the information social network users share can be used to answer security questions, and it also illustrates the information users share the most.

There is also a breakdown of the consequences of making personal information publicly available, such as social engineering, identity theft, cyber bullying, reputational damage, targeted advertising, and real-world threats, such as burglary.


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