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Interview: kingmaker Liam Casey from PCH talks tech and robotics (video)

Interview: kingmaker Liam Casey from PCH talks tech and robotics (video)

Interview: tech industry kingmaker Liam Casey talks tech and robotics (video)

At the Dublin Web Summit this week Liam Casey from PCH International caused a sensation when he brought a little robot on stage called Autom, which he intends to manufacture in droves as part of a partnership with its creators Intuitive Automata.

The robot, which helps its owners to keep fit, learns about each user it interacts with them – no two conversations are alike.

Autom is available to pre-order online for a special introductory price of US$199 and a US$19 monthly subscription for a minimum of one year. Manufacture and distribution of the motivational robot has been made possible through a partnership with Irishman Liam Casey’s PCH International.

Through the PCH Accelerator programme, Intuitive Automata will have access to PCH’s design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution services – the same supply chain management services used by some of the world’s top brands.

Dublin Web Summit | Liam Casey 

PCH, which employs 80 people in Cork, revealed earlier this year plans to employ an extra 1,500 people at a facility in Shenzhen near Hong Kong in a move that will grow employment to 3,000 worldwide.

Casey, who previously worked in the fashion business before moving into the tech industry, today revealed that the company achieved a group revenue of US$710m for the year, up 72pc year-on-year.

The company delivered a net profit of US$17.9m, driven by strong demand for accessories for smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

Gross profit for the year totalled US$70.7m.

In our interview with Casey he outlines the shifting tech landscape and his belief that technology that understands context and changes and adjusts to the users experiences highlight the future of technology.

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