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Nine-year-old’s Winnie the Pooh laptop seized in anti-piracy sting

Nine-year-old’s Winnie the Pooh laptop seized in anti-piracy sting

Nine-year-old’s Winnie the Pooh laptop seized in anti-piracy sting

In a clear case of anti-piracy measures gone mad, a nine-year-old Finnish girl’s Winnie the Pooh laptop has been seized by Finnish police over alleged copyright infringement activities.

According to a report on TorrentFreak, CIAPC, the company that had the PirateBay blocked in Finland, tracked an alleged file sharer and demanded a cash settlement from the owner of the house.

The house owner and main internet account holder was puzzled when he received a letter from CIAPC, also known locally as TTVK, demanding €600 and a request to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

He ignored the demand and this week he answered his door to find police standing outside with a search warrant.

The police seized his nine-year-old daughter's Winnie the Pooh laptop as evidence of copyright infringement.

It turns out his nine-year-old daughter has a penchant for pop music and when she didn’t have enough pocket money to buy the latest album from singer Chisu she did a Google search which led her to The Pirate Bay.

The downloads didn’t work and the nine-year-old’s father brought her to the shops to buy Chisu’s latest album.

Despite the downloads not working and the fact the family paid for a physical copy of the album, Finland is taking a hard line on copyright piracy and even nine-year-old girls aren’t safe.

The little girl’s dad described the situation as “the pinnacle of absurdity.”

Even the artist Chisu chimed in and pointed her fans to a free link to her music on Spotify.

“I hope the matter will be resolved soon and sorry to my nine-year-old girls.”

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