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How often should I update my CV?

20 Aug 2020

New research from ResumeLab looks at how often US employees update their CVs and LinkedIn profiles and how it may impact their job prospects.

There’s a ton of content out there on CV tips and templates, from which sections you should include to the most professional layouts and fonts. But how much advice have you come across on how often you should be making CV updates? These ResumeLab infographics could help fill that gap.

I’ve written before about the benefits of routinely checking in on your CV and keeping a live record of the projects and duties you’ve had a part in. New research from ResumeLab delves a little deeper into the topic. It says that alongside your CV, you should continuously update your LinkedIn profile as you go.

ResumeLab’s study asked 1,000 people in the US, both employed and currently looking for a new job, about their experiences of updating their CVs and LinkedIn pages. Participants were asked to select all statements that applied to them.

The survey found that almost every person surveyed had a CV, whether they were employed or not. While fewer people reported having a LinkedIn profile, but at 65pc it was still a majority.

In the past year, participants said they had updated both their CV and LinkedIn an average of three times. Those who were not managers were less prone to maintaining updates than those who were managers.

Covid-19’s impact on CV updates

More than 54pc of participants said they updated their CV during spring 2020 and more than half of those said the updates were specifically motivated by the pandemic. However, ResumeLab warned that, in a rush to make updates, “candidates may have overlooked crucial improvements”.

For example, the survey showed participants were more likely to leave outdated information on their LinkedIn, than on their their CV. When asked how well they felt their CVs represented their current skillset, almost 69pc said “moderately or completely” but only 59pc said the same about their LinkedIn profiles.

Overall, 45pc of participants said that their LinkedIn profile contained “outdated or inaccurate information”.

Infographic showing how accurate CV updates reflect actual skillsets.

Click to enlarge. Infographic: ResumeLab

While respondents on lower salaries updated their CVs the most frequently, those earning more annually were much more active on LinkedIn.

“This could be that as people earn more money … they want to improve and develop their personal brand by being active and maintaining a constant presence on the platform,” ResumeLab said.

“It’s also possible that these higher earners have tapped into one of the key benefits of LinkedIn: networking and interaction. They could be posting and updating more so that they can connect with other people and get their profile seen by the people they’re targeting.”

Infographic comparing CV updates based on participant salaries.

Click to enlarge. Infographic: ResumeLab

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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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