22 terrific and terrible dad jokes that will make or break your Father’s Day

19 Jun 2016

A facepalm-worthy collection of dad jokes to make you grin and groan, and remind you why you love them, this Father’s Day.

The internet’s prediliction for cheesy puns and dodgy wordplay make it a haven for dad jokes. They make you smile and cringe in equal measure – a bit like dads, really.

Just look at this scene after a dad joke bomb has dropped:

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Dads are great, even if their jokes are terrible.

It starts early, too. As soon as fatherhood is on the horizon, the dad jokes kick in.

Dad Joke

I’m pregnant. My boyfriend just made his first dad joke from dadjokes

All dads are subject to this transformation, even the cool ones.

Dad Joke

And, now and again, your everyday dad can surprise you with a totally chill idea.

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Some dad jokes are so old, they’re prehistoric.

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Some require careful construction for the pay-off.

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Classic Dad Joke

Some have shock value, providing a mix of horror and hilarity.

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Dad joke via text

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And then there’s the puns. Oh god, the puns.

Father's Day dad jokes

Dad puns

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Dad jokes

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Even multilingual puns.

Dad jokes in Spanish

Dad jokes can be musical.

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They can be intellectual.

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And they can also be delivered by dogs.

Dog dad joke

Good dad jokes, like good dads, are supportive.

And sometimes it’s just a fun way for your dad to give you some helpful advice.

I love my dad. #dadtext #spongebob #lol

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Of course, I couldn’t create a collection of dad jokes without a contribution from my own – which made me cringe with pride.

My dad's joke


Happy Father’s Day, dads! Keep up the comedy.

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