These 10 tips will help you meet those pesky deadlines at work
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These 10 tips will help you meet those pesky deadlines at work

9 Mar 2018

Do you struggle to meet your deadlines? If so, these tips might help you keep on schedule.

Deadlines are inherently unpleasant. For one, the word ‘deadline’ has the word ‘dead’ in it, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

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Deadlines tend to strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of workers and students around the globe, and it’s something the majority of people have had to contend with since childhood.

From the first day that you were handed down homework assignments, life tends to be frequently punctuated with projects that need to be completed by a certain date and time, lest you suffer the consequences.

The difference in adulthood, however, is that missing deadlines can have more serious consequences and so, learning to meet them becomes imperative.

It’s not easy, though – things are stacked against the average worker. For one, procrastination is an all-too-common scourge.

Research indicates that the ‘planning fallacy’ makes it impossible for people to realistically assess how long a task will take because people tend to predicate work schedules on the idea of the best-case scenario, productivity-wise.

Not to mention that the more difficult and complex a task is, the further away we perceive that deadline to be. How do you win?

Luckily for us, CashNetUSA has compiled this infographic, which details 10 handy techniques to turn you from procrastinator to ultimate grand master of looming deadlines in no time at all.

Breaking up your work into smaller, more manageable mini-deadlines can help you avoid distraction because it’s easier to sustain focus in small bursts.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have all of the key resources, information and equipment ready before properly diving in because if any of these elements are missing, it increases the likelihood of serious delay or even missing the deadline entirely.

For some more handy advice on ensuring that you meet important deadlines for work, check out the infographic below.

Infographic: CashNetUSA

Eva Short
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