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How can the most successful people help you become a better entrepreneur?

3 Apr 2017

For entrepreneurs, it’s all about reaching the next rung of success. But how did the world’s most successful business people get to where they are now?

Success can mean different things to different people. For an entrepreneur, it usually means growing a sustainable business. But how can that be done?

It is a common thing to look at the most successful people in the world – the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Richard Bransons, the Sheryl Sandbergs, the Oprahs etc – and ask, ‘What do they have that I don’t?’.

It can be tempting, then, to mull over every aspect of their lives, and every decision they have ever made, to secure a roadmap to entrepreneurial success.

Of course, the methods that other entrepreneurs followed to get to where they are now may not work for you. Just because Elon Musk schedules his day in five-minute blocks does not make that a universal recipe for instant success.

That being said, it can be helpful to see that there is a path to success; that other people have made it and you can too. Getting a glimpse into the lives of those people can provide you with some of the inspiration and motivation that you need to make it big.

In this infographic from, the schedules, habits and thought processes of some of the world’s most famous business people are laid out, perhaps showing us just where success comes from.

Habits of successful people infographic


Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

Kirsty Tobin served as careers editor of Silicon Republic from 2015 up to August 2017. When she was younger, she had a dream where she started and won a fight with a T-Rex, so she’s pretty sure she kicked butt at this, too. Passions include eating all the cake, watching more TV than is healthy and sassy comebacks.

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