Excel at Excel with these 7 handy tips (infographic)

18 Sep 2015

Excel is one of those things that everyone says they are proficient in, but in reality many of us only have a grasp of the basics.

Featuring in the Skills section on most of our CVs, spreadsheet application Excel is a handy tool for presenting data and collating information, and really is something that most office workers should know their way around pretty well.

The below infographic is a great way of making sure you excel (get it?) in your Excel usage, and will help lift your Excel game beyond mere list-making.

Click on the infographic to see a bigger version.


Excel-lent: 7 tips for office workers

seven-essential-excel-tricks-every-office-worker-needs-to-know Main image via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman
By Brigid O Gorman

Brigid O Gorman joined Silicon Republic in April 2015 from a background working in national media in Ireland and Australia, and served as the site’s sub-editor until September 2016. Brigid has worked as a writer, social media manager and sub-editor and, when not agonising about ill-used apostrophes and misplaced commas, she likes to get out in the fresh air for a run, eat nice food, drink good wine and watch bad television.

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