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Handing in your notice? Here’s how to do it remotely

28 Jan 2022

Resigning from your job can be daunting at the best of times, but doing it remotely can add an extra layer of awkwardness.

If you’re one of the many workers joining ‘the great resignation’, it might mean you will be handing in your notice while working remotely.

While some workers have started returning to offices, many others are still working from their homes and mostly communicating with their managers via video calls.

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So, if you’ve gotten a new job offer and signed the contract, the very next task on your to-do list will be to hand in your notice to your manager. Here are some tips on how to do it in the world of remote working.

Write your resignation letter

This part doesn’t change whether you’re working remotely or in the office. It’s best practice to have your resignation letter ready in advance so that you can send it to your manager after you’ve broken the news.

Your letter should clearly state your intention to resign with the date that you will be finishing up – make sure you know the notice you’re required to give for this.

It should state that you plan to help with the handover and thank your manager for the opportunities they’ve given you.

If possible, be sure to print it and sign it before you send it.

Book in a call

If possible, this should be a video call to make it as close to an in-person meeting as possible. However, if video calls are not the done thing in your company, a phone call will suffice.

While a face-to-face meeting is usually best, it doesn’t mean you should wait for an opportunity have an in-person conversation, even if you’re in a hybrid working model. When it comes to handing in your notice, doing it as soon as possible is key so that you can work out your notice and give your employer as much time as possible to prepare for your departure.

Remember, while this meeting should most likely be with your immediate supervisor first, you may need to call someone higher up in the organisation as well, depending on the chain of command and procedures in place.

Check your internet connection

One extra step you probably haven’t had to do before is check your internet connection ahead of the call.

If you followed our tips on remote interviews, you’ll know that you should always check your connection and equipment before important calls. It is hard enough having to break the news to your manager that you’re leaving without having to do it with a screen that keeps freezing or a microphone that keeps cutting out.

Explain your reasons

As with an in-person meeting, be brief and concise when explaining why you’re handing in your notice. Now is not the time to list off all your grievances with your employer.

If you’re leaving for a higher salary, greater flexibility or a different experience, it’s OK to say the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Also, be sure to focus on what you learned from your time there. Remain professional throughout the call and be prepared for a counter offer.

Send your resignation letter

Once you’ve informed the necessary people, it’s time to send off that resignation letter.

If anything about your notice or final day changed during the calls you made, make sure the letter reflects those changes before you send it.

Finally, be sure to talk to your manager about when it is OK to tell your other colleagues that you’re leaving before you share the news.

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Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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