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12 things you should say to ace your next job interview

31 Jan 2020

Have a job interview lined up? Make sure you stand out with some key phrases from this infographic.

It’s one of the most popular times of the year for seeking a new career, and so it might be the case that you have some job interviews lined up. But even for seasoned professionals with plenty of interview experience, there’s almost always room to improve your skills and set yourself up for success, so here we’re featuring a few phrases that might help along the way.

Of course, preparation for interviews should cover much more than simply memorising some talking points. Quality research into the role and the company is critical, and many employers today take a competency-based approach, so working through some examples from your experience that align with the job spec should also be prioritised.

But having some key lines in the back of your mind could serve you in many ways, such as helping to calm your nerves and keeping you grounded if the panel throws a distracting curveball at you.

Some phrases can help you navigate the nuance that often accompanies conversation-based interviews, according to this infographic from Resume.io. For example, it outlines that saying, “Here’s how I can help your company” is an easy and acceptable way of declaring, “I am the right person for this job”.

Check out the 12 “proactive ways” – as Resume.io calls them – to ace your next job interview below, or click here to view this as a larger image.

A colourful illustrated infographic featuring 12 things you should say during a job interview, according to Resume.io.

12 things you should say during a job interview. Image: Resume.io

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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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