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Hiring in 2020? Keep these trends in mind

20 Dec 2019

Instant Offices has created an infographic with advice for employers planning to hire new people next year and beyond.

As we arrive at the end of 2019, predictions are coming from all angles on everything future of work – from the impact of technology to how workspaces will look throughout the next decade. But what is important for the talent pool?

In response to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report, Instant Offices has outlined some tips for employers planning to hire new people next year and beyond.

According to CV-Library, today’s HR personnel see the job market as being 90pc driven by the candidates themselves. Instant Offices said this “means that as an employer, you don’t choose talent – talent chooses you”.

Top trends in talent acquisition

“These trends are shaping the workplace of the future into a more agile, flexible and inclusive one,” Instant Offices added.

“The millennial workforce is placing a consistently strong focus on better flexibility and remote work options, as well as diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and more progressive values.

“Considering that millennials will dominate the global workforce by 2020 (at a predicted 35pc), companies need to begin shifting mindsets for their talent acquisition strategies to be effective.”

Tips for companies hiring in 2020

Lucinda Pullinger, global head of HR and talent at Instant Offices, gave her top tips for companies hiring in the new year.

  • Invest in employees who gel with your company culture: Pullinger noted, for example, that 92pc of those surveyed by LinkedIn believe soft skills to be just as important, if not more so, than more technical ones
  • Offer prospective employees the perks that matter to them: According to Pullinger, employers offering flexibility as early as in the interview process may be off to a good start – LinkedIn has seen a 78pc increase in job posts mentioning flexibility in the past two years
  • Build a healthy and happy company culture: Candidates are increasingly seeking out workplaces with policies in place to actively protect their rights and challenge bullying and discrimination, Pullinger said
  • Encourage transparency and communication: Finally, Pullinger advised that transparency around salary is becoming more important to workers

Instant Offices also created an infographic highlighting the top trends in talent acquisition of the past year. Check it out below or click here to view it as a larger image.

An infographic detailing the top trends in talent acquisition.

Top trends in talent acquisition. Image: Instant Offices

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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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