There are 6 types of leadership style, but which one describes you?
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There are 6 types of leadership style, but which one describes you?

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While it may seem like one type of leader is better than the other, in reality, the best style of leadership depends on the needs of an organisation at a given time.

Ireland’s most recent Budget smiled upon entrepreneurs and SMEs by introducing a new KEEP scheme, which will allow business owners to reward staff with share options exempt of tax, universal social charge and PRSI.

It is possible, and likely the hope of the Irish Government, that this will encourage more people to go out on their own and create new businesses and start-ups.

It’s an interesting time to found a start-up or take the reins in a small organisation. The structure of the workplace is transforming and organisational hierarchy is less important than ever before, with the emphasis instead being placed on more team-oriented environments.

This will obviously impact the kinds of leadership styles that are the most effective for managing one’s business. But how can you modify your leadership style if you aren’t aware of what kind of leader you are?

In their book Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, authors Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee explain that there are six different types of leadership style.

It is not that any one particular style is better than the other, rather the best type of leadership style to emulate largely depends on the needs of an organisation.

Ostensibly, being willing to teach your employees and help them upskill is always useful. However, this kind of ‘coaching leader’ will not promote productivity if quick results are needed on a project.

To clarify things, Headway Capital has compiled an extremely handy infographic, complete with a flowchart to determine which leadership style you typically use, and an explanation of when that style does and does not work.

If you find that your natural leadership style is incompatible with the needs of your company, there are also tips on how to make small changes or solve the potential resulting issues.

For more information on leadership styles, check out the infographic below.

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