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How to remain calm when your boss gives you negative feedback

25 Oct 2019

Negative feedback is an inevitable part of working life, so how can you best prepare for it?

We all get negative feedback from time to time. It’s an inevitable part of working life and, for the most part, it’s a necessary tool to facilitate career-long learning.

It can come in the form of structured feedback at a scheduled performance review, or as comments given by a manager based on work you’ve completed. Either way, it can be difficult not only to listen to it, but to process it in a professional manner.

To help you prepare for those situations, CashNet USA has developed an infographic with tips and tricks to remain calm, collected and open to feedback from your boss, no matter its nature.

So, preparing for difficult conversations with your seniors at work is almost always a good idea, because it will give you a chance to avoid being caught off-guard with the possibility to learn from the feedback.

Why react well to negative feedback?

There are many benefits to this. Not only will you be getting knowledge to take on board and help you with your work, reacting professionally will demonstrate to your employer that you’re engaged with your work and eager to improve.

One of the tips outlined in the guide is to slow everything down. It advises working to “slow your breathing, keep your body language open and lower your shoulders to relax”.

It’s important also to remember to pay attention to every aspect of the conversation, rather than zoning in on the parts that aren’t necessarily singing your praises.

As CashNet says: “Approached with the right technique, negative feedback can be a springboard to greater things.”

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how to be best prepared, no matter the circumstances. Or click here to view a larger image.

How to handle negative feedback. Image: CashNet USA

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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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