The ultimate new employee checklist for when you’re hiring
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The ultimate new employee checklist for when you’re hiring

3 Aug 2018

There’s a lot to consider when bringing a new hire into the fold of an organisation. If you don’t know where to start, this checklist can ensure you have your bases covered.

Taking on a new employee is generally cause for celebration. Your new worker will bring with them a varied skillset and a fresh perspective. On a personal level, the opportunity to get to know a new person is wonderful.

Often, new hires can also be a sign that a company is growing and expanding. This is always exciting, especially if you’re at the helm.

Yet there’s still much to consider when taking on new people. It can be logistically taxing; you have to do tasks such as set up emails, find a desk for them, organise necessary training and help them get their bearings.

You want to make sure that a new employee’s first few weeks are productive and welcoming but also that they develop good habits from the outset. Striking the balance in this respect can be very challenging, but is more than doable with some preparation.

You’ll want to make sure you have all the equipment your new employee might need, such as laptops and phones, ordered in time for their arrival. You’ll want to have access passes, workstations, swipe cards, email addresses and everything else ready. It’s also a good idea to assign the new person a ‘work buddy’ or sponsor who will be their main guide.

Create a plan that details all the things you’d like your new employee to work on in their first month. Having a clearly delineated schedule is something that benefits both you and whomever you’re bringing on board.

When their first day finally arrives, it’s a good idea to introduce the new employee to all their colleagues and their ‘work buddy’. You could even organise a group lunch to break the ice. Ensure you get essential paperwork such as contracts out of the way and have a copy of the employee handbook for them. These things should be prioritised above diving into tasks, which can be pushed out to later in the week.

Of course, remember that your current employees are your greatest asset in preparing for new hires. Your team members have gone through the onboarding process themselves, so it’s a good idea to ask them for feedback.

Check out the full new employee checklist below, brought to you by The Business Backer.

Ultimate new employee checklist

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