These 9 daily rituals could boost your productivity at work
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These 9 daily rituals could boost your productivity at work

26 Jan 2018

If you find yourself frequently getting distracted or caught up with the stress of impending deadlines, these exercises could help you sharpen your focus.

It’s difficult to achieve peak productivity at work in today’s world. The odds are stacked against the average worker, are they not?

On the one hand, most people generally have a list of tasks to get through on a given day, and the ideal scenario is that you focus on one thing at a time in lieu of dividing your attention between multiple activities simultaneously.

Yet the connectivity of modern life means there’s little excuse in the eyes of employers and clients alike for not being ‘available’ at all times.

Delaying responding to a notification or email can mean something vital slips through your fingers, or that you don’t attend to a pressing issue in a timely enough manner.

Imagine the scenario: you’re plugging away at a particular task, and your to-do list is looking both on track and wonderfully manageable. Next thing, a (wild) email notification appears, so you get temporarily pulled away from what you’re doing. While you’re there, another email catches your eye, so you figure you’ll do some research on that for use on a future project.

Googling somehow leads you to Twitter, which somehow leads you to Facebook, back to Twitter, a seemingly productive LinkedIn detour and, before you know it, you have fallen down some digital hole and are reading articles when you should be finishing your task (if that’s how you found our little corner of the internet, hello!).

Pounds to Pocket is attempting to tackle this issue with a handy infographic, compiling some of the ways you can use daily rituals to increase your productivity at work.

I’d argue that some of them aren’t always feasible, such as turning your device on aeroplane mode, particularly if it’s a work phone.

Also, frankly, I don’t care if it could turn me into the greatest employee on the face of the Earth, I am not going to blast myself with icy cold water on a Monday morning.

All in all, however, there’s a lot here that could set you on the path to avoiding the kind of time-killing digressions that can mess up your weekly schedule and generate a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you’re in desperate need of some guidelines on how to bring more focus and calm to your working life, check out some of the tips and rituals below.

Infographic: Pounds to Pocket

Eva Short
By Eva Short

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