How do you keep a remote-working team motivated?
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How do you keep a remote-working team motivated?

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Remote working has now become much more normal in the modern job market, and some managers may be scratching their heads over how to adapt their management techniques to today’s technologies.

Remote working is no longer an abstract element of a distant yet impending ‘future of work’ – it has very much arrived, and with it comes logistical questions about how to adopt the management styles of days gone by to the unique managerial duties of today.

As of 2017, approximately 57m Americans are freelancers. Meanwhile in Ireland, 216,000 people now work from home.

There are many methods managers may have learned to keep people motivated and engaged in a physical environment, yet what do you do if you have never met your team and likely never will? How do you foster cohesiveness and team spirit?

For one, remote-working employees should be clear about the exact nature of their roles. They need to know exactly what their deliverables are and when they’re due, particularly when dealing with time differences.

Each employee should be very sure of their role in the organisation and what projects they’re responsible for. If they have any issues, they should know specifically who to contact. Managers should also make a point to check in semi-regularly to let their remote-working staff know they are available to further clarify these points.

To encourage a sense of connection, take the time to organise a quarterly presentation to the team outlining the company’s strategic visions and aims, and highlight how these are being achieved through short- and long-term objectives. This will help your employees feel that they are contributing and that these contributions are valued.

Remote working can be married pretty well with flexible working. Evidence is also beginning to suggest that allowing employees to create their own schedules makes them happier and more productive.

These are just some of the things you can do to make a managerial relationship with remote-working employees as harmonious as possible. For some more handy advice, check out the full infographic below, brought to you by The Business Backer.

Infographic: Business Backer

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