Jobseekers beat unconscious bias
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This one trick will help you get around unconscious bias

15 Feb 2017

If you’re in the market for a new job, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and more importantly, that unconscious bias doesn’t stand in your way.

Unconscious bias is an unfortunate part of the recruitment process. For employers, it can creep in and hinder them in attaining the very best talent. For jobseekers, it can prevent them from getting their dream job, even if they’re perfect for it.

Employers suffer from unconscious bias when they pick up a CV from a candidate who went to the same college as them, as it might subconsciously evoke a connection in their mind.

This is bad news for the jobseekers who don’t have those hidden ties.

Companies can take steps to avoid unconscious bias in their hiring process by giving candidates fair, practical, skill-based interviews. They can also have a separate person to block out identifying credentials and use different interviewers at different stages.

But how what can jobseekers do if they’re worried about facing unconscious bias? How can you protect yourself against it when applying for your dream job?

Harj Taggar is the CEO and co-founder of Triplebyte, a hiring platform that helps eradicate unconscious bias from technical roles.

As well as using platforms like Triplebyte and LearnUp, both of which have good connections with employers, Taggar suggests showcasing your work online.

“If you’re an engineer, make your code public on GitHub. If you’re a designer, put your portfolio on Let companies judge you on your work, before they know anything about you.”

Unconscious bias comes into play at the interview stage, the CV stage and even the cover letter stage. You can’t stop employers from subconsciously judging certain details about you, but you can take steps to ensure your skills are showcased and stand on their own two feet.

Use various online portfolio systems to demonstrate your skills and show your previous work. This will help your potential employers to see your skills and abilities before any other details can cloud their judgement.

This is also a good chance to showcase visible experience, potentially placing you ahead of other candidates in the early stages.

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Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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