Working from home? Here’s how to take care of your laptop
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Working from home? Here’s how to take care of your laptop

20 Mar 20202.57k Views

No matter how cute your pets are, they shouldn’t be getting too close to your laptop if you want to keep it in good condition while working from home.

If you’re working remotely at the moment, your laptop might be getting far more attention than usual.

Coupled with the fact that working from home sometimes prevents us from drawing distinct work-life boundaries, leading to us eat food by our computer, for example, our laptops might be more prone to damage in our home than in our workplace.

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There are a whole host of aspects to think about before hitting the keyboard at the beginning of the workday in your home office. Storage, online communication and security are all important factors, for example, that shouldn’t be neglected because our surroundings have changed.

Business News Daily recommends some best practices, including making sure you have up-to-date antivirus software and not allowing family members or friends to use your work computer.

But what about physical and mechanical damage? One company that knows plenty about that is Bracken Foam Fabricators, an Irish manufacturer of foam products that protect computers and more.

The organisation’s marketing manager, Max Bracken, has developed a handy infographic with tips on the most common ways laptops become damaged, what you can do if you drop your laptop or spill liquid on it, what typical repair costs look like, and what to look out for when scoping out damage cover.

From keeping it away from your pets to storing it in appropriate temperatures, the infographic could help you avoid some of the potential wear and tear that comes with working from home.

Bracken said: “You spent a good deal of money on your laptop and you most likely have some incredibly important information on it, so why would you run the risk of damaging it through sheer carelessness? Our infographic offers a comprehensive guide on how to protect your laptop from spillages, falls and more.”

Check out the infographic below or click here to view it as a larger image.

An infographic on protecting your laptop from damage.

Protect your laptop from damage and disaster. Image: Bracken Foam Fabricators

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By Lisa Ardill

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