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The IT job scene is huge, but what is it likely to actually work in IT?

Working in IT: What it’s really like to work an IT job

31 Jul 2015

Eventually we’re going to run out of ways to say the IT job scene is doing well. For now, that drastic understatement will have to do.

This week’s raft of IT job announcements – from companies that deal in medication to those that provide transportation to the masses – brought the number of jobs announced on during July to a whopping 2,200, blowing June’s epic numbers entirely out of the water.

As a lot of people will, therefore, be dusting off their CVs right about now, we asked Hays whether a qualification or experience is more important to employers. The answer? Depends on the role.

In terms of career development, this week saw some big news for Java developers. Speaking with, John McClean, systems architect at AOL, talked about the shift to Java 8, which has been driven largely by changes in the hardware market.

This, he says, will change the way Java developers programme.

We know how important work-life balance is, so we spoke to the champion of doing it all – Dropbox’s Susanna Murphy. Murphy is a star triathlete, competing on the global stage while holding down a top job with Dropbox. We’re in awe.

But it’s not all about how the IT jobs scene looks now.

Once more, we’re seeing signs that the future is safe in the hands of the next generation, with the announcement that an Irish secondary school student won bronze at the International Linguistics Olympiad. This mind-blowing event sees students competing individually to try to decipher text in languages they don’t speak.


If all of this hasn’t already put you in a great mood, we also put together some memes about geology that should rock your world. Sorry (not sorry).

For more information on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. More than 2,200 tech jobs announced during July

There were 2,271 jobs announced in the technology sector during July, almost double that of the previous month, as major plans across the country came to fruition.

2. Pharma player Amneal to create up to 300 jobs

US drugs manufacturer Amneal has purchased a 200,000 square foot former Johnson & Johnson plant in Cashel, Tipperary, and will hire between 250 and 300 people when it is operational.

3. Uber boost for Limerick — 300 new jobs en route

Taxi app giant Uber is to create 150 new jobs in Limerick city by the end of 2015. Uber is to invest €4m in the city at a new Centre of Excellence focused on customer services.

4. Qualifications vs experience — which matters more?

Hays recruiters are regularly asked by candidates what certifications and degrees are needed to get a job. This guide gives an area-by-area breakdown of the importance of certifications vs the importance of qualifications.

5. Java 8 at core of AOL’s journey into programmatic

Oracle’s Java 8 software language is at the heart of AOL’s move towards programmatic advertising and AOL’s Dublin operation is spearheading this movement.

6. Susanna Murphy on track for triathlon success

Susanna Murphy is busy. Insanely, time-consumingly, exhaustingly busy. Does she wish she wasn’t? Not for a second. Murphy is a star triathlete. A rising star, actually, coming somewhat late to the sport. But what a rise it’s been.

7. Linguistics Olympiad win for Irish student

Luke Gardiner (19), a student at Gonzaga College, Dublin, has won bronze at the International Linguistics Olympiad.

8. 10 memes only a geologist should understand

This look at the STEM sector brings us to geology, the profession just a stone’s throw away, offering a rocking route to employment. Sorry for all the puns.

We’re still not sorry.

Looking for tech jobs in Ireland? Check out our Featured Employers section for information on companies hiring right now.

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