3V’s latest partnership will help it expand to Spain

2 Jun 2011

3V has made a partnership agreement with Spanish transaction company Disashop, expanding the pre-paid Visa voucher product across 13,000 points in Spain.

“The low level of e-commerce in comparison with the online access in Spain represents a real market opportunity for 3V,” said Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO of 3V Transaction Services Limited. He was referring to the survey on Information and Communication Technologies Equipment and Use in Households Year 2010 by the Spanish Instituto Nacional de Estadística.

The study said that while 63pc of Spanish citizens had access to the internet, only 17.4pc paid for goods online.

“As consumers become more and more focused on controlling their spending allied to the need to seek out the best possible value, we believe online spending will increase significantly and that safe, secure products such as 3V Vouchers will become the product of choice in Spain when making online purchases.”

Disashop, the biggest Spanish distribution platform of electronic products, will work with Raphaels Bank to bring the 3V card across Spain.