€50,000-worth of free business software for start-ups

2 Jul 2009

A leading software provider is to give away €50,000-worth of free software to fresh new start-ups in order to help them write business plans.

The €50,000-worth of software equates to 345 copies at a recommended retail price of €145.

Palo Alto Software Ltd’s Business Plan Pro Premier 11.0 is a best-selling business planning software product that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to write business plans. The software can be used by entrepreneurs and new start-ups looking to get their business up and running.

“We are all too familiar with the growing numbers of unemployed in Ireland, and we have decided to offer €50,000-worth of our award-winning business planning software to try to help encourage start-ups in Ireland,” explained Alan Gleeson, general manager of Palo Alto Software.

“Business planning is vital for all start-ups and we believe our software is ideal for those thinking of going out on their own who need help getting over that initial hurdle,” he said.

Gleeson came up with the idea to offer the software having witnessed growing dole queues in his native Cork.

“I spoke to my colleagues in the US and suggested that we look to play our part in trying to help unemployed people in particular. My colleagues were fully supportive and I am delighted we will be able to assist some people to start up their dream businesses.”

Gleeson also said that despite the downturn it is an excellent time to start a business.

“Vacant offices are at an all-time high and as a result office space is now available at more competitive rates. Similarly, there are a number of very talented people out of work at the moment with more realistic salary expectations than a few years ago,” he argued.

The software will be available from the website www.paloalto.ie on Friday, 15 July.

“People will need to go to www.paloalto.ie and submit their details – we’ll be looking to ensure that we get the software in the right hands as we are primarily seeking to donate the software to unemployed people and those who will genuinely use it to get their idea off the ground.”

By John Kennedy