Adobe provides protection solution for Google e-books

7 Dec 2010

Adobe Systems has announced that the Adobe Content Server 4 (ACS4) software has been licensed by Google as an e-book content protection solution.

ACS4 allows users to purchase e-books through thousands of points of purchase without being tied to any one store. This reduces the risk of unauthorised distribution.

Consumers will be able to download and read protected e-books from Google e-bookstore in both PDF and EPUB format.

Content distributors

“We are excited about Google joining the largest ecosystem of content distributors that believe in giving consumers the freedom to read e-books across platforms and device types,” said Dave Burkett, vice-president and general manager, creative solutions business, Adobe.

“Adobe is helping publishers navigate a rapidly changing media landscape, where new devices are opening up new business opportunities to distribute unique content.”

More than 200 publishers and distributors worldwide are using the solution today to securely deliver their copyrighted content to end users through thousands of points of purchase across the globe, including many public libraries.

Google launched its new Google e-bookstore in the US yesterday, and announced plans to launch in other countries during 2011.