Agilent in US$750k Maynooth R&D donation

19 Dec 2005

Former Hewlett-Packard (HP) measurement company Agilent Technologies has donated US$750k worth of software licences to NUI Maynooth.

Dr Ronan Farrell of NUI Maynooth said: “This generous donation of Agilent’s advanced design system (ADS) software tools will enable the researchers at NUI Maynooth to undertake world-class research in the area of the next generation of mobile communications.”

The ADS software will enable the automatic design of powerful electronic systems. It offers complete design integration to developers of products such as mobile and portable phones, pagers, wireless networks and radar and satellite communications systems.

Farrell explained: “The specific capabilities of ADS in the areas of electromagnetic modelling and radio frequency system engineering are unparalleled and great enablers of research in our field. This donation will also facilitate the teaching of these advanced subjects in the undergraduate electronic engineering programmes at NUI Maynooth.”

Agilent Technologies, which was spun-off from HP, is the leading supplier of electronic design automation (EDA) software for high-frequency system, circuit and modeling applications. These applications include signal integrity as well as radio frequency and microwave amplifier, mixer and filter design for commercial wireless, aerospace and defense markets.

Kevin Sweeney, managing director of Agilent Technologies Ireland, described the importance of supporting academic research. “Supporting scientific education is at the core of Agilent’s business as an innovation company.

“By offering our support to NUI Maynooth in the form of these software licences, we are giving opportunities to the next generation of scientific researchers in Ireland to create new applications that will boost Ireland’s reputation for research and development on the international stage,” Sweeney said.

By John Kennedy