Amazon building to IoT future with purchase of 2lemetery

13 Mar 2015

Amazon is clearly building up to its own internet of things (IoT) future with the purchase of 2lemetery, a start-up whose business is to track and manage inter-connected machines.

Founded back in 2011, 2lemetery have been growing at a considerable rate until now having raised approximately US$13m in funding to develop its platform and can include the likes of Salesforce as one of their customers providing the ability to transfer vast amount of data between multiple devices.

Known as ThingFabric, 2lemetery’s platform is promised as scalable across any device, but perhaps Amazon will more than likely look to the company for their expertise in the field which is soon to play a vital role in the next evolutionary development of the internet.

According to TechCrunch, despite the value of the purchase not being disclosed, Amazon confirmed to them in a statement that the purchase had indeed been finalised and it appears as if the company will continue in its current guise for now.

“I can confirm that Amazon has acquired 2lemetry and we look forward to continuing to support 2lemetry customers,” said the statement.

Perhaps of greatest interest to Amazon is 2lemetery’s development of its commercial wing of developing an IoT platform in retail stores that could see the deployment of a series of inter-connected beacons that will alert shoppers in particular locations of deals for items in their vicinity.

After all, Amazon developed their own IoT platform in 2013, known as Kinesis, which the company claimed would be capable of dealing with high volumes of data from different devices on the one network.

Internet of things image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic