Amazon allegedly hunting for Dublin office that could hold 800 staff

29 Sep 2017

Amazon logo. Image: Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

Amazon is allegedly on the hunt for an office in Dublin as the number of vacant spaces dwindles in a post-Brexit world.

Amazon is hoping to stick to its promise of bringing a significant number of staff to Dublin, and it is understood that the company is on the hunt for office space in the capital.

According to Bloomberg, two people close to the matter have said that the e-commerce giant is looking for office space that could hold up to 800 staff, measuring just under 7,500 sq m.

Last year, Amazon promised to bring another 500 jobs to Dublin in a move that would take its total staff numbers in the city to more than 1,400 but, so far, it has refused to comment on the claim.

Recent figures from the CBRE Group show that following the Brexit decision last year, companies are flocking to Dublin from London to maintain a presence in the EU, with more than 150,000 sq m of office space snapped up in the first half of this year.

Not only was this 68pc higher than the same time a year earlier, but 25pc of the 420,000 sq m in office space under construction prior to the end of June 2017 has already been let out to companies.

Office vacancy meanwhile remains quite low, with only 9pc available to those looking to lease sites and only 1pc deemed to be ‘top quality buildings’ in high-demand areas, according to a Savills report.

Such demand has led to a property crisis in Dublin, where an average person looking to move to the city to work and live is often priced out before they even arrive.

A recent study by recruitment firm Prosperity found that 40pc of people it helped to hire for tech employers in Dublin came from overseas, but the rate of rejection by prospective employees has doubled since the onset of the housing crisis.

Amazon logo. Image: Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic