Amazon reportedly launching credit-card reader phone attachment

28 Jul 2014

Leaked documents from Amazon show the e-commerce giant is about to reveal a credit-card reader attachment for smartphones to rival a similar product known as Square.

Amazon has begun to expand its online payment and account services with the launch of Amazon Wallet on Android devices but is now looking to expand to anyone with a credit card, according to 9to5Mac, which obtained shipment details about the card reader from Staples, the US office supplies store.

Going by the details sent to Staples, the small device is expected to be sold in the US from 12 August for US$9.99 (€7.44).

Square already offers a similar product online, for free, with the aim of encouraging small businesses, such as mobile food trucks, to accept credit-card payments without the need for a local fixed-line broadband connection.

For Amazon also, this marks the second leak of information in a week, after it accidentally posted web pages for its Kindle Unlimited subscription service, which the company later confirmed.

An Amazon credit-card reader attachment for smartphones will only be released in the US for now and until more information has been made clear, it remains to be seen whether it will arrive in Europe and elsewhere to compete with other companies, including iZettle, which has established itself in Europe and South America.

Credit card image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic