Andreessen Horowitz ditches Silicon Valley HQ and takes off for the cloud

22 Jul 2022

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As it sets up three new offices in Miami, New York and Santa Monica, Andreessen Horowitz is shifting focus from California to the virtual realm.

Andreessen Horowitz, one of the world’s most recognised tech VC firms, is moving its headquarters from a physical space in Silicon Valley to the cloud.

In a blogpost yesterday (21 July), founding partner Ben Horowitz explained the firm’s decision to ditch its physical HQ for a virtual one by citing the large-scale shift to remote and hybrid work among tech companies across the world.

“It turns out that running a technology company remotely works pretty darned well,” wrote Horowitz, who co-founded Andreessen Horowitz with Marc Andreessen 13 years ago.

“It’s not perfect, but mitigating the cultural issues associated with remote work turns out to be easier than mitigating the employee satisfaction issues associated with forcing everyone into the office five days a week.”

According to Horowitz, this shift in the way tech companies work is “profoundly weakening the Silicon Valley network effect” and opening up new opportunities to companies and entrepreneurs from varied geographies.

For its own part, Menlo Park-headquartered Andreessen Horowitz wants to play a role in moving away from the Silicon Valley-centric world. As well as setting up shop in new locations, Andreessen Horowitz has found its refuge in the cloud.

“In our firm’s new operating model, we work primarily virtually, but will use our physical presence to develop our culture, help entrepreneurs and build relationships. Specifically, the firm is now virtual, but can materialise physically on command,” Horowitz wrote.

Three new offices in Miami Beach, New York and Santa Monica are being created in addition to the VC’s presence in California’s Menlo Park and San Francisco.

“Our headquarters will be in the cloud, and we will continue to create physical offices globally where needed to support our teams and partners,” he added.

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic