Apparently, having Tim Cook as your CEO is the best bargain at US$65m

17 Apr 2015

New market analysis compiled by Bloomberg has shown that, going by his pay-grade of US$65.2m last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has the best pay-for-performance rating of any US CEO.

The findings came following the release of the Bloomberg Pay Index, which rather unsurprisingly showed that as the most profitable and richest company in the world, Tim Cook by default becomes the best value for money due to the company’s revenues tripling during his tenure – climbing 69pc to US$183bn.

Meanwhile, the company’s net income grew by 53pc thanks to the sales of iPhones doubling to US$102bn.

Despite the significant sums involved in Tim Cook’s pay, the Apple head was only ranked 17th in the overall pay grades of the US’ CEOs, which has contributed to his place as the most cost-effective CEO in the business.

Wealthy, but charitable

Bloomberg’s index used a variety of different criteria to come to the conclusion however, which included calculating pay as a percentage of the company’s profits, which Cook’s pay came to 0.2pc of Apple’s economic profits.

Last year, according to Apple’s financial declaration, the company paid Tim Cook a base salary of US$1.8m, as well as US$6.7m in bonuses with a further US$699,133 for security, but the major source of his determined wealth coming from his 560,000 shares in the company, valued last September at US$56m.

The second-best CEO to have is supposedly Microsoft’s Satya Nadella who, with his total earnings last year reaching US$43.5m with was 0.4pc of the company’s US$12.1bn profit.

Tim Cook image via The Climate Group/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic