Apple reportedly acquires UK start-up that makes dynamic music using AI

8 Feb 2022

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Apple could use the start-up’s technology to create new music for advertising or dynamic soundtracks that respond to a user’s heartbeat or mood.

Tech giant Apple has reportedly acquired AI Music, a UK start-up that uses artificial intelligence to create user-tailored music.

Apple completed its purchase of AI Music in recent weeks, according to unnamed sources speaking to Bloomberg, and the start-up had roughly two dozen employees at the time of acquisition.

There is now speculation around Apple’s interest in the company.

AI Music’s website and YouTube channel are no longer active, but details are still available from the web archive. On its site, the start-up had said that it could create “royalty-free adaptive music solutions” using AI, with use cases in advertising, social apps, gaming and fitness.

The London-based company was founded in 2016 and claimed its technology allowed users to create dynamic soundtracks that could change based on a listener’s needs. For example, soundtracks could adapt based on the activity in a game, or improve fitness by reacting to a user’s workout.

“AI Music is driving a step change to an entirely new adaptive music format and the hyper-personalisation of music experience,” the company said on its website.

There are multiple ways Apple could potentially make use of this technology. Dynamic songs that change based on heart rhythm could be useful for Apple’s Fitness app, while music that reacts to the user’s mood could be useful for photo slideshows, MacRumours suggested.

The technology could also be useful for marketing. AI Music shared a case study where it assisted US digital cable provider Cox Communications with audio advertising. According to AI Music’s website, its tools helped to create dynamic and personalised audio ads that generated 238pc higher engagement, a 20pc reduction in production costs and a 95pc reduction in production time.

The acquisition could be part of Apple’s plans to boost its music streaming service, Apple Music. Last August, the tech giant announced plans to create a dedicated app for classical music fans with the acquisition of streaming platform Primephonic.

Apple boss Tim Cook said in 2019 that the tech giant buys a company every few weeks on average, so acquisitions aren’t always announced. Cook explained at the time that the company is “primarily looking for talent and intellectual property” in its deals.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic