Apple buys mobile ad network

6 Jan 2010

Apple has bought Massachusetts-based mobile ad company Quattro Wireless for a reported US$275 million.

The deal was confirmed on Quattro’s website by the company’s former CEO, Andrew Miller, who now describes himself as Apple’s vice-president, mobile advertising.

Miller said the Quattro Wireless offerings and services would not change in the immediate future and that the network would continue to operate across all devices and platforms. He added that client and support teams would also remain the same.

Quattro’s clients list includes Ford, P&G, NetFlix, Viacom, BP, SAP, Kmart, Disney, Visa, TigerDirect, Papa John’s and Microsoft. Its network partners include Gawker, NFL, NHL, uLocate (WHERE), Hachette, Univision, Edmunds, CBS Interactive, Time Inc, iMeem, Slacker, Weatherbug, Viigo and Sportacular.

In November, Google purchased the AdMob ad network for US$750 million.

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