Apple CEO is top tech boss (infographic)

29 Mar 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple boss Tim Cook is the top technology CEO, according to recent employee reviews. Qualcomm’s CEO Paul E Jacobs is second and Google CEO Larry Page is third.

Jobs and career community Glassdoor based the results from employee reviews on its site. It looked at tech CEOs with a minimum of 100 ratings by their own employees during the 12-month period from mid-March 2011 to mid-March 2012, so while Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a 92pc approval rating from staff, there weren’t enough employee reviews to include him in the list.

Cook came in at No 1 for both top tech CEOs and top highest-rated CEOs in general, with a 97pc approval rating.

One Apple employee said he or she believed its leaders were doing “an amazing job” and another said the products “speak for themselves and the company.”

Chip maker Qualcomm’s CEO Paul E Jacobs came in second place, with a 95pc approval rating, while Google’s CEO Larry Page ranked third, with a 94pc approval rating.

The most improved tech CEO was VMware’s head Paul Maritz. Last year, his approval rating was 75pc, but it shot up to 90pc this year.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos experienced the biggest decline, down 5pc to 79pc approval this year, though he’s still in the top 10.

The highest-ranking female tech CEO was HP chief executive Meg Whitman in ninth place at 80pc. This is higher than her predecessor Leo Apotheker, who was ranked with 67pc.

Take a look at this infographic to see the full top 10 list of highest-rated tech CEOs:Top 10 tech CEOs