Apple in iPod deal with car makers

4 Aug 2006

Apple has teamed up with car giants Ford, Mazda and General Motors to use iPod technology in the 2007 models of their vehicles.

Ford and General Motors will feature iPod integration in the majority of their 2007 models in the US beginning later this year while Mazda’s entire global 2007 lineup of cars and SUVs will offer iPod connectivity.

Apple says that iPod offerings for Ford, General Motors and Mazda will provide drivers with outstanding sound quality while charging the iPod while conveniently storing the iPod in the glove compartment.

Seamless iPod integration also allows drivers to use their car’s multifunction controls to select their music using artist, album, playlist or shuffle songs, as well as to easily skip between tracks and playlists.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice-president of worldwide iPod product marketing, said the move will build upon Apple’s success in selling over 58 million iPods worldwide.

“Now more than 70pc of 2007-model US automobiles will offer iPod integration, with General Motors alone making it available on all 56 of its models, representing millions of cars and trucks,” Joswiak said.

By John Kennedy