Apple sued over wireless patents in latest mobile lawsuit

6 Mar 2012

A subsidiary of Mosaid Technologies which shares patent-licensing revenue with Microsoft has sued Apple, claiming Apple infringed on eight of its wireless communications patents with the iPhone and iPad in the latest mobile patent lawsuit.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Core Wireless filed the complaint in a court in Texas last week and is requesting unspecified damages and future royalty payments for each Apple product which allegedly infringes these patents.

It is also looking for damages that are “not colourably different” from Apple’s products which allegedly infringe the patents.

Within Core Wireless’ complaint, Mosaid Technologies claims Apple infringes these patents with iPhone models from the 3G to the 4S and with the iPad and iPad 2.

Mosaid Technologies was founded in 1975 and developed its IP portfolio around semiconductor technology. It began licensing its IP in the late 1990s.

In September, Mosaid Technologies purchased Core Wireless and 2,000 of its patents and patent applications originally filed by Nokia, though Nokia has divested itself from the patents involved in this lawsuit.

Microsoft then licensed these patents. As part of the transaction, according to a Microsoft spokesperson, the company also had “a passive financial interest” in revenue generated by Mosaid Technologies through the licensing of these patents to others.