Apple sues Motorola in the latest smartphone lawsuit

1 Nov 2010

Apple has sued Motorola, claiming the company has infringed on its iPhone patents. This claim comes after Motorola sued Apple, saying the iPhone violated Motorola patents.

According to Patently Apple, the lawsuit covers six patents, focusing on smartphone technology.

Apple filed the suit on Friday, claiming Motorola is using its multitouch touchscreen interface and other display technologies.

They have said many of Motorola’s devices, including the Droid series, the Cliq series and the Devour series, infringe on Apple’s patents.

Earlier in October, Motorola sued Apple, claiming the iPhone, iPod Touch and Macs infringed on patents relating to 3G, GPRS and antenna design.

This is the latest in a slew of smartphone lawsuits that have been widespread in the industry. Microsoft recently sued Motorola, saying the company based designs of its phones off Microsoft technology.

Apple is also suing HTC and Nokia over smartphone technology.