Apple to top US smartphone market this year, Android in 2012

28 Jan 2011

While Apple is expected to overtake RIM as the leader in the US smartphone market this year, Google’s Android platform will take the top spot in 2012, according to a new forecast from eMarketer.

The company estimates that Apple took a 28pc share of the US smartphone user market in 2010 and that this will increase to 30pc in 2011, a share it will maintain next year. The proportion of smartphones with Android, meanwhile, will rise from 24pc in 2009 to 28pc this year and 31pc in 2012.

Research in Motion (RIM), meanwhile, is expected to see its market share decline from 30pc in 2010 to 25pc this year and 23pc in 2012.

“The open-source Android OS requires no licensing fee and allows handset manufacturers and wireless carriers considerable latitude to customise the user interface according to their desired specifications,” said Noah Elkin, eMarketer principal analyst and author of a forthcoming report on mobile devices.

“With a growing roster of manufacturer and carrier partners in every major market and market segment, scale for Android is coming quickly in terms of device, market share, apps and ad revenues.

“Ultimately, the winner, if there is one, matters less than marketers’ ability to make the most of the growing number of smart devices to deliver rich, engaging experiences for consumers,” said Elkin.

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