Apple Watch fail as only 22pc of pre-ordered devices dispatched on launch weekend

27 Apr 2015

US-based Apple enthusiasts who pre-ordered the company’s latest piece of hardware, the Apple Watch, may be waiting more than seven weeks to receive the device.

That’s according to statistics published by online commerce market research firm Slice Intelligence, which claimed only 376,000 of the 1.7m Apple Watches pre-ordered in the US were dispatched over the weekend since its Friday launch (April 24).

Another 547,000 watches are expected to ship between today and 11 June, though a further 639,000 consumers are waiting to receive word about when their devices will be sent.

The new watch is available in two sizes (38mm and 42mm) and across three editions: Apple Watch Sport (US$349 to US$399), Apple Watch (US$599 to US$1,099), and from US$10,000 for the Apple Watch Edition.

Speaking last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the product the “most advanced timepiece ever created”.

Apple Watch photo via Shutterstock


Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic