Apple’s acquisition of Israeli company LinX paints quite a picture

15 Apr 2015

Apple's store on 5th Avenue in New York

Apple’s camera technology just got a major leg up with the purchase of Israeli company LinX, which will probably lead to vastly improved iPhone and iPad photo-taking capabilities.

The deal cost a reported US$20m, however neither Apple nor LinX have revealed many details.

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” was all an Apple spokesperson would say.

Apple’s interest in Israel is significant; it already employs 700 people in the Middle Eastern country as part of the company’s largest R&D hub outside the US.

LinX is a company that has developed cameras that work on both key algorithms and numerous sensors, which means multiple images combine into one fuller, 3D-type picture.

The technology could, in theory, upgrade the already excellent cameras on iPhones and iPads, bringing them into the DSLR realm.

Last year, LinX launched its miniature, multi-aperture cameras, designed specifically for the world of mobile devices.

According to the company, its software can attain depth data for each pixel it creates “on the depth map”.

The use of multiple sensors instead of one means LinX’s cameras are vastly more sensitive to light, meaning indoor shots (the domain of the smartphone) will improve no end.

LinX’s multi-sensor mobile-focused camera technology

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic