At 83pc, Spain’s smartphone penetration surpasses the US and UK

11 Nov 2014

Photo of smartphone user in Spain by Neirfy/Shutterstock

In Spain, 83pc of mobile-phone users are using a smartphone as use of these devices continues to push upwards in Europe and North America.

According to ComScore’s MobiLens, smartphone user penetration in Spain grew from 74pc in June 2013 to 83pc in June 2014, bringing the largest part of the Iberian Peninsula ahead of other markets in Europe and North America by a healthy distance.

This measure of smartphone penetration in select countries as of June 2014 has Canada at 78pc, followed by the UK at 75pc and the US at 73pc.

While the UK is often perceived as Europe’s major device market, Spain was the first market to get a Firefox OS smartphone and its indigenous smartphone start-up Geeksphone is the company behind the privacy-focused Blackphone.

Let’s also not forget that the Spanish city of Barcelona is the site of the annual Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile industry expo in the world.

Smartphone user penetration by ComScore/eMarketer

Looking at overall mobile-phone penetration, eMarketer estimates that Spain’s users will reach 85.4pc this year, though the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland and Norway will reach greater heights with Norway remaining on top with 91.1pc.

Interestingly, the UK is not only behind Spain on smartphone penetration, but it’s also behind its European counterparts for overall mobile-phone penetration.

Though seen as a key market, eMarketer expects the UK to close out the year at less than 81pc mobile-phone penetration, below the Western Europe average of 82.8pc.

Mobile phone user penetration by eMarketer

Spanish smartphone user image by Neirfy via Shutterstock

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