Axonista and the IFI announce new apps celebrating Irish film heritage

24 Aug 2017

Image: Axonista/IFI

Axonista announces exciting new collaboration with the Irish Film Institute.

Fresh from its recent jobs announcement in March of this year, Dublin tech firm Axonista has released details of a brand new suite of apps that will bring Irish film heritage to audiences all over the globe.

In partnership with the Irish Film Institute (IFI), Axonista aims to bring Irish Film Archive collections to phones, tablets and TV-connected devices for the first time in a culture-meets-tech collaboration that is sure to please film fiends everywhere.

The Irish Film Archive has been making great progress in terms of the digital preservation of Irish film, with footage from as early as 1897 in its possession.

Using Axonista’s Ediflo video content management system and distribution platform, the archive can showcase its content for free to a global audience, tailored to each device’s individual capabilities.

Irish film history in your hands

The collaboration means that decades of Irish film history are available to view in the comfort of your own home or even the palm of your hand.

IFI director Ross Keane emphasised the importance of adapting to new technologies: “No other Irish cultural institution has to date taken such an ambitious leap forward to share their collections with the far corners of the world – whether that be on your phone in the islands off the west coast of Ireland, or via your new smart TV on the west coast of America.”

CEO of Axonista, Claire McHugh, added: “It’s an absolute honour for the Axonista team to be involved in bringing the amazing archive of the IFI into the international spotlight.

“The IFI has a wealth of wonderful films of such cultural and historical significance that can now shine and be enjoyed to [their] full potential on multiple digital devices around the world.”

McHugh also said that the Axonista team, together with the IFI, hopes to build on and improve the release in the coming months.

The new apps are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android phones, with apps for TV platforms available on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects