Baltimore deal ensures security for Lloyds

20 May 2003

Irish e-security firm Baltimore has signed a major agreement with Hewlett-Packard (HP) that will see its SelectAccess web authentication software deployed with Lloyds Bank’s global insurance system, Kinnect.

Kinnect, previously operating as Project Blue Mountain, is a globally accessible and secure platform, which enables commercial lines insurance trading partners to communicate risk data electronically. SelectAccess controls the access rights and entitlements of insurance brokers and underwriters connected to the platform, enabling them to securely process risk data quickly and cost effectively.

Using SelectAccess, individual brokers and underwriters authenticate themselves to the platform and gain access to specific resources based on their individual rights and entitlements. The system provides unique personalised web-based services for each user across the global insurance sector.

The main benefit of the system is the elimination of lengthy paper-based processes in using a secure web environment, whereby all risk data is sent and approved electronically. The Kinnect Platform ultimately improves the global insurance sector’s time and cost efficiencies by reducing transaction time, administration costs and enabling improved control.

Major insurers have already signalled their intention to use this powerful platform. International insurance brokers Marsh and Willis and four major London-based insurers, ACE European Group, Amlin, Beazley and Wellington, recently announced that they are the first to sign letters of intent to use Kinnect.

According to Niven Payne, insurance practice principal at HP, Select Access’ XML-based architecture and speed of deployment were key. “Baltimore’s broad based platform support, standards based architecture and capability to reduce costs through SelectAccess deployment has further helped HP to deliver an open, adaptive and secure infrastructure platform to Kinnect,” he said.

By John Kennedy