Baltimore goes Dutch with Getronics

14 May 2003

Irish e-security software firm Baltimore has teamed up with global IT services firm Getronics to provide centralised web access control to the Dutch government’s information exchange agency, BKWI, which supports more than 17,000 Dutch public sector employees.

Baltimore’s SelectAccess product will be deployed to the 17,000 workers to give them immediate, centralised access to Dutch citizens’ records in the areas of employment, benefits and welfare entitlements. It also provides strong protection of citizen privacy in accordance with Dutch law.

The information databases are set up in an extranet environment across multiple web servers and BKWI has reduced the costs associated with web services access control by implementing the consolidated authorisation and identity management that SelectAccess provides. SelectAccess enables BKWI to scale to a full web services operation that will securely interconnect applications from one department with databases from others.

International IT services firm Getronics provided the system integration on the project, developing a scalable system that in time could be used to give third-party organisations, particularly private sector recruitment agencies, access to specific information that they are legally entitled to.

Patrick Jourdas, a senior vice-president at Baltimore Technologies, said: “SelectAccess enables strong security for e-government projects as it establishes the identity of users, what they are entitled to do and also verifies transactions and manages security resources. Deploying this level of web access protects critical e-government infrastructure and streamlines operations while ensuring a citizen’s privacy.”

By John Kennedy