Battery recall as faulty PowerBooks bite Apple users

20 Aug 2004

Apple is in the process of recalling 28,000 batteries shipped between January and August this year with its 15-inch PowerBook G4 laptops. Apple Ireland general manager Liam Donohoe has confirmed that Irish buyers of the product will be affected.

The batteries are being recalled due to at least four complaints that the batteries overheated. In a joint statement with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Apple said it determined the source of the problem and pledged to replaced the batteries.

The company warned that the batteries could pose a fire hazard. The problem is caused by a short circuit inside the batteries manufactured by LG Chem in South Korea.

Users who bought the machine between January and August have been warned to discontinue use immediately. The batteries in question carry the model number A1045 and serial numbers that begin with HQ404, HQ405, HQ406, HQ407 or HQ408, which are printed on a label at the bottom of the battery. No other PowerBook or iBook batteries are involved in the battery recall.

“We have a process set up to provide free battery replacement and would urge any Irish people who bought the product to get in touch,” Donohoe told

By John Kennedy