Biotech firm signs major global distribution deal

31 Jan 2003

Irish biotechnology firm Allegro Technologies has selected a German biotech player to distribute its products globally as part of a multi-euro global agreement.

Allegro Technologies has selected MWG Biotech to become the worldwide distributor of its Equator product range that aids in the development of drugs and diagnostic tools.

Allegro’s Equator product dispenses fluids in nanolitre quantities – a nanolitre is one millionth of a litre or about one thousandth of a drop from a kitchen tap.

The products will contribute to research in areas such as cancer treatment, heart disease, HIV and Alzheimers.

MWG has an Irish office based in Cork and the company’s international sales director, David Smith, said that the company has experienced a 250pc growth in its market-share in Ireland after only a year in the market.

Listed on the Neuer Markt, the company has garnered a reputation for enabling scientists around the world to understand and unravel the complexities of DNA and discover new treatments and preventative medicine.

Established in 2000, Allegro’s ‘spot-on’ technology reduces costs of life science research applications and is key to applications such as drug discovery. Allegro’s managing director, Dr Jurgen Osing, said that the deal with MWG would support the high levels of customer care required in the scientific field, “particularly in the markets of drug discovery and genomics”.

John Kennedy