What are the predicted trends for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

26 Nov 2019

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According to eBay, 1.1m people in Ireland will shop for bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

Online marketplace eBay has said that 35pc of consumers in Ireland, or around 1.1m people, have plans to shop during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.  

This is according to a study by Kantar on behalf of eBay, which analysed the shopping habits of 1,000 adults. The overall estimated spend in Ireland during the Black Friday sales period stands at €142m.  

According to the findings, the most popular items bought on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are electronic products and devices. More than half of survey respondents said they had made an electronic purchase in the past.  

Three-quarters of consumers are expected to search online for deals, while a third will look to social media to keep abreast of the latest offers.  

Vice-president of global customer experience at eBay, Derek Allgood, said: “This research suggests that Irish buyers are looking for smarter ways to make their euro stretch that bit further, hence the significant interest in Black Friday deals. 

“Many of the shops will be mobbed between 29 November and 3 December, so online is a great place to start, and complete, your shop.” 

Shopping trends

The study also revealed that sustainability is valued by customers in Ireland. Among those who are aware of the global shopping event, 41pc cited sustainable purchases and shopping with smaller businesses as important. More women than men were found to support the concept of sustainable shopping during this period  

With the average expected spend for each person amounting to €130, according to the study, eBay will be working with Irish businesses to offer discounts of between 10pc and 40pc until 3 December. 

“Consumers are price sensitive and love a bargain, so ebay.ie has worked with some of the amazing Irish sellers we support through our small business Retail Expansion Programme to bring the best deals to shoppers,” Allgood added.  

“We will promote several Irish sellers on ebay.ie, which will give their brands and businesses fantastic visibility given the huge number of consumers who use ebay.ie. Standing out is particularly important during this competitive trading season and it’s part of our global strategy to support the local markets in which we operate.”  

Infographic showing EBay's Black Friday and Cyber Monday study results.

Results of eBay’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday study. Image: eBay

Lisa Ardill was careers editor at Silicon Republic until June 2021