Weekend takeaway: Imagine the future

30 Jun 2017

Image: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

From Dublin after Brexit, to the space race and AI, all your essential sci-tech reading for the weekend is right here.

1. Brex and the City: Dublin set to benefit from London exodus

Dublin set for Brexit boom as IDA reveals 12 London firms plan to relocate from the UK capital.

2. A new space race emerges in Asia, with the moon targeted yet again

Almost 50 years after the height of the first space race between the US and the USSR, China and Japan appear to be locked into one of their own.

3. Just adding more women VCs won’t end the funding gap, and here’s why

Future Human

When it comes to solving the mystery as to why women tend to get less VC funding than men, the answer is often in the questions being asked.

4. Passwords can be stolen through our brainwaves, new study claims

If you thought your mentally stored password was enough to protect you from hackers, you might want to think again … or not.

5. David Moloney: ‘AI is at a once-in-a-lifetime inflection point’

David Moloney believes countries such as Ireland have a rare chance to embrace their edge in AI and deep learning, otherwise they risk being flattened by change.

6. Irish researchers unite to battle growing ransomware threat

2017 has been awash with major cybersecurity threats, as ransomware finally reached mainstream discussion. Irish researchers are fighting back.

7. Highway to heaven: Europe’s angels bless HBAN for €6m funding roadshow

HBAN racks up mileage, funding and credit as a result of its innovative roadshow.

8. Irish start-up MicroGen Biotech sows seeds of success at Forbes AgTech Summit

Hat-trick for Ireland as Carlow start-up nabs agritech award.

9. Tech giants co-design Europe’s first data centre degree

Tech giants have co-designed a data centre engineering degree with Irish and Belgian colleges.

10. Autonomous grocery trucks could be the future of shopping

In our increasingly connected world, a few lucky Londoners will get their groceries delivered by an autonomous van.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years