Calimar plans expansion into Europe

29 Aug 2007

Galway-based IT services provider Calimar has chosen Kaseya to provide it with managed automation software in a move that will see Calimar expand into managed IT services in Ireland and the UK.

The company plans to expand into other European markets over the next three years.

Calimar has initially purchased 1,000 licenses from Kaseya which it plans to roll out to a number of customers before the end of August.

The deployment of Kaseya managed automation software will enable Calimar to move away from a ‘break-fix’ model of support towards a proactive remote management model, Calimar said. The company’s ‘Techport’ managed service offering will be fundamentally underpinned by Kaseya’s software.

The Kaseya managed service framework provides an integrated, automated and remote systems management service with a complete view of the IT environment.

According to Calimar CEO Derrick May, it will enable the company to manage 99pc of IT support issues remotely.

“There is significant demand from organisations with no or limited in-house IT resource who require a high-quality managed IT services,” said May. “On the other side we have organisations with established IT departments who are looking for companies such as Calimar to handle their non-core IT support activities, which will in turn enable these organisations’ IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. We have redefined our business, based on managed automation software from Kaseya, in order to offer this service.

“Kaseya has allowed us to completely re-evaluate our business and gives us the potential to achieve so much more. Whilst there will always be some need for onsite IT engineer visits, Kaseya will help us to significantly reduce these. Increasingly, when we do visit clients it will be for planned and strategic meetings, not firefighting. Our aim is to be able to manage 99pc of IT support issues remotely.”

Calimar will roll out the services over the next 12 months across its customer base in Ireland and the UK. The company plans to expand its services in the UK and across other European regions over the next three years.

May added: “Kaseya makes it cost-effective for us to expand into new regions because we don’t have to set up a large local workforce and support centre. Kaseya enables us to rapidly scale up our business without incurring huge overheads. Furthermore, it enables us to offer genuine flexibility to our clients who can pick and choose the level and type of support they want and we can now provide 24/7 support services – which is increasingly a crucial factor.”

By Niall Byrne