Call 11890 signs multimillion euro contract with UPC

28 Jun 2010

Irish directory enquiries company Call 11890 Ltd has signed a multimillion euro contract with UPC Business, which will see the cable company hosting all of Call 11890’s services including providing bandwidth for internet and data traffic and the trafficking all 11890 directory enquiry calls across UPC’s network.

As part of today’s agreement, Call 11890 Ltd has also located its new headquarters at UPC Business’ facility at Eastpoint Business Park.

“The telecommunications solution provided by UPC has enabled us to enhance both our day-to-day service and crucially provides us the flexibility to grow our service locally here in Ireland,” said Nicola Byrne, managing director, Call 11890 Ltd.

“We are delighted to locate our headquarters at UPC’s Business Centre. This state-of-the-art facility provides us with an environment to deliver the best directory enquiries service in the country,” she added.

Consumers urged to ‘buy Irish’
Call 11890 today called on the Irish public to help create jobs in Ireland by ‘buying Irish’ and switching to 11890.  

“We are again asking the Irish public to support an Irish business by calling 11890. Last month we saw our competitor move 78 Irish jobs to Asia and close its Irish operation. By calling 11890 you are using the cheapest directory enquiry operator, buying Irish and helping to create a new Irish job,” Byrne claimed.

Call 11890 Ltd employs 90 staff across its call centres in Dublin and Galway. The company pledged 23 months ago to create 2.5 new jobs for every additional 1,000 calls it received. However, it said that a combination of market contraction and reduced consumer expenditure has seen 11890 add 10 jobs during the intervening period.

Pictured are: Nicola Byrne, Managing Director, Call 11890 Ltd and Gavan Smyth, Business Services Director, UPC Business.

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